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About US

We’re an event & media management company, and we’ve been around since 2012. We have signed artist’s and producers that focus on creating music and content for that music. We will also set up YOUR events! We offer a verity of different price’s for our packages. We offer video, photography, full sound & light production, and more for our events.

We are willing to work with people from all stages of there career. Once you contact us for a consultation we will send you a form to fill out just the basic info of your event and your vision of how you would like the event to be. Then in 7 days we will contact you back with a quote. Every event we do for our clients is custom to there needs. We will give you a weekly status of how the project is coming together up to the day of the event and 1 week after have a closing meeting to discuss the analytics of the event. (Please keep in mind there needs to be at least 4 months of planing before concerts or events that need to sell tickets)

Most musical events will require at least 1 DF artist artist to perform during the event. However, if you’re budget is large enough we can also bring a celebrity, influencer, even a host to your event!!!

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